Real-life consulting project caps this program for OD professionals

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Organization Development (OD) is about improving systems and building people’s capacity to adapt to change and emerging opportunities.

The Schulich Executive Education Centre’s Masters Certificate in Organization Development and Change is designed to help OD practitioners be confident in their ability to create a consulting situation where they collaborate with the client and provide the most appropriate intervention from an array of many skills and insights in their repertoire.

People build confidence by first learning concepts and methods and then applying them in a real-life situation, so a key component of the program is the application of the learning in the final program module: Practicum in OD and Change.

The current class of OD participants is just completing their practicum projects, which include, among many, a re-branding exercise with a government agency, a re-organization of the human resources function at a large hospital and a re-alignment of another government agency.  One student, who is a life-long knitter, found a new yarn shop that needed help with its people and systems.

In this self-directed project, participants apply their OD knowledge and skills in a real client/consultant relationship under the mentorship of an on-site OD professional.  They provide consulting services to a group or organization of their own choosing and demonstrate their ability to:

  • Understand a situation with which they are unfamiliar or largely unfamiliar
  • Create energy for organizational/individual change and improvement
  • Collaborate with a client group, and with a learning partner (another Practicum participant)
  • Demonstrate ethical awareness related to OD
  • Receive, and if possible, apply feedback and guidance from a local Field Guide/Mentor

The Practicum consists of the following five phases:

  1. An evening orientation with the Practicum leaders and the peer support group
  2. Client Selection
  3. Implementation
  4. On-going note-taking and written reflection
  5. Separation/closure

The OD Practicum requires a minimum of six days of a participant’s time, over approximately seven months and designated practicum leaders make themselves available to help create a successful organizational change experience.


For more information on the Masters Certificate in Organization Development and Change (starting April 15, 2019), visit the program web page where you can find full details of the course schedule and content.

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