Schulich ExecEd Alumni breakfast: The Face of the Future – the Alibaba Story

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Learn what the future of business looks like at our next Schulich ExecEd Alumni breakfast event.

alan middleton“The Face of the Future: a look at what Alibaba does, does differently and what we can learn from them – a presentation by Alan Middleton, PhD, Guan Qi (Glan) Chen, MBA and Menglin (Mary) Bai, MA Econ. Find out how a young, 18-year-old Chinese company is teaching us all how to build business in the age of e-commerce. In this session the team will discuss the remarkable story of Alibaba and its implications for business and government in Canada and internationally now and more importantly in the future.

Join us Nov. 1, 2017, 7:30am, at Schulich ExecEd’s Nadal Management Centre. To register, visit our Events Page listing.

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