Schulich ExecEd expert look at traits of success in CAPI Processed Food Research Program

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Brynn Winegard photoFood processing is one of the country’s largest manufacturing sectors and an essential channel for Canadian agricultural products. Yet the rising trade deficit is signalling deteriorating performance.

The Canadian Agri-food Policy Institute has launched a research consortium to galvanize a new approach. CAPI is not only focused on the problems but how to move forward to address them. Brynn Winegard, Schulich ExecEd faculty member and instructor for Factors for Success in Your Agri-food Business program, wrote a series of case studies, which includes a cross-case analysis, as part of a project to isolate company traits of success and what we can learn from companies to inspire change.

Below are links to copies of the studies in PDF format.

Bonduelle Americas Case Study

Club Coffee Case Study

InfraReady Case Study

Cross-Case Analysis



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