This Mini-MBA is Prescribed for Doctors Only

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In today’s health system, physicians are expected to understand the business of healthcare as much as they do medicine.

In response to a request by physicians, Schulich ExecEd has created a new program to give them the skills and frame of mind to become successful business people as well as accomplished doctors. Designed for physician entrepreneurs who are setting up their own clinics or those operating within a health care institution, the Schulich Mini-MBA: Physicians Business Leadership Program, delivers training in business acumen in a learning schedule that suits busy professionals.

In this video interview, program co-directors Wissam Al-Hussaini and Dr. Baseer Khan, and guest speaker Dr. Michael Gardam talk about why physicians need this kind of learning to complement their medical training and how they will take away, not only new skills, but a new philosophy about how to achieve their goals through creative, empowering entrepreneurial thinking.

The Schulich Mini-MBA: Physicians Business Leadership Program comprises virtual classes in nine subject areas delivered between Jan. 22 and June 11, 2021. For more information, visit the program website.

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