We were virtual before the virus – check out our leading online learning programs today

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Before Corona virus, the Schulich Executive Education Centre was already developing blended learning programs featuring both online, self-paced reading and video material combined with virtual classroom sessions.

These e+ branded program offerings have put SEEC in the lead in the field of virtual learning allowing our facilitators in other programs to quickly adapt to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on face-to-face learning.

Blended learning programs, such as Winning Sales Strategies, have successfully mixed pre-prepared course material in the form of readings and videos to give participants the flexibility to prepare for the virtual classroom meetings at their own pace. All of our facilitators have learned by experience that this method enhances the time spent in the Zoom sessions and especially the quality of the breakout-room discussions.

Almost every participant said they found their access to the course material flexible and convenient with 8 out of 10 agreeing strongly. And they appreciated the amount of material provided. SEEC instructors are also working people and understand the limits on people’s time. Eight out 10 participants strongly agreed with this, saying “the workload for the course (including reading, watching and posting) was manageable.”

“I really enjoyed the way that the material was presented in the videos,” said one participant. “It was precise and informative without being dry.”

The main concern we hear from potential participants is about the lack of face-to-face meetings in a physical classroom but, as more people become accustomed to virtual work meetings, they are taking to them in a learning situation more readily. One participant noted that they particularly enjoyed, “the Zoom portions. Interacting and the input was great.”

In fact, the sessions were so well received that one participant said, “I also would have enjoyed a couple more Zoom meetings, as they really gave an opportunity to talk things through, even more so than just the discussion boards.”

Regardless of whether it is in-person or online, the key to most programs’ success is the facilitator, and SEEC instructors routinely score highly in post-course surveys. Those in facilitator Sanjay Dhebar’s class agreed:

“Sanjay has great energy and enthusiasm. He was engaging and interesting to watch.”

Among SEEC’s program offerings are courses designed for adult trainers and organization development professionals. Not only is instruction in virtual teaching an integral part of these programs but the instructors have worked with the majority of SEEC facilitators to pass along best-practices and success stories that make a qualitative difference to SEEC’s e+ online and virtual classroom programs. Recent testimonials from the virtual classroom programs that began running this summer all show participants are discovering they deliver the same excellent content as before and with some added features that enhance their value.

Visit our e+ learning landing page for a list of programs already ready for virtual delivery now. It’s the perfect time to upgrade your skills and increase your facility working online. You can also try out a sample course in our ExecEd Sampler Series of free-30-minute virtual classroom sessions delivered by regular SEEC instructors. For more information on this series, visit the Sampler web page.