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Customized world-class learning for any organization, anywhere.

  • Now, more than ever, your organization needs to develop its employees to provide them with the skills of tomorrow.

    With the recent economic uncertainty and social distancing, training your employees virtually provides your team with these skills – when you need it, when you want it and where you want it.  Your organization’s continued growth and success depends on employees that are at the top of their game. We can help develop your team with user-friendly online delivery that is:

    • FASTER – virtual sessions can be delivered anytime, anywhere with no need to find a date when everyone is available to be in the same room at the same time in the same place
    • FRIENDLIER – online delivery can be done from your office, home, airport, hotel or any other location
    • COST EFFECTIVE – No travel time is required to get all your employees to the training venue avoiding travel costs (car, parking, airplane, hotel, meals) and meeting room costs


    1. Your Business. Your Way
      Customized solutions for your organization. SEEC’s online content is tailor made for your organization to include real-world examples and mini-cases from your specific business and industry. This ensures the curriculum is relevant and the learning sticks – customized training the way you like it.
    2. Training Outcomes Anchored to Your Business Goals.
      Your organization will see improved training outcomes with online content anchored to your organization’s strategic imperatives and business priorities to deliver ROI back to your organization.
    3. Your Bottom Line.
      Your team will see better collaboration and communication that will improve customer service, operational effectiveness and overall business performance to help strengthen your bottom line.

    Is Offering for Organizations Right for You?

    If your organization is looking to enrol 8 or more employees in a program that helps them improve their performance and engagement, then SEEC can offer you a custom online or offline program that’s developed for your talent level, sector, and strategic objective.  If your organization is looking to enroll less than 8 employees, then learn more about our 100+ Programs for Individuals.

    Customized Programming – Performance, Engagement & Strategy

    We build learning programs that transform behaviours so organizations can improve their performance, employee engagement and exceed their strategic objectives. All custom programs entail a combination of customized academic content delivered through interactive workshops, business cases, simulations, action learning, hands-on projects and insightful speakers.

    Programs of Interest Today

    What Our Clients Say About SEEC’s Online Experience

    “Great delivery. Love the ability of the breakout to emulate and allow participant interaction”

    – The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

    Talk to our Custom Online Learning Designer to see what we can do for you

    Carlo Sicoli
    Associate Director | Custom Learning & Development
    T 416.360.4576 | M 437.245.9399| E:

    Enrolling & Certifying with SEEC’s Offering for Organizations

    Like SEEC’s Programs for Individuals, SEEC’s Offering for Organizations offers online and offline learning so participants can learn from where they want, when they want.

    Online Executive Education

    Flexible, interactive and customized. SEEC’s Offering for Organizations provide learners with online video lectures, live virtual classrooms, course materials, and hands-on projects helping learners feel as prepared as those who’ve studied on campus. SEEC’s Online study helps organizations work on professional development while obtaining academic qualification for their employees.

    Our online programming is created for organizations whose learners are geographically spread out or isolated to remote locations and follows the same structure as its on-campus/in-house alternative differing only in how education is delivered.

    What We Do Online: SEEC’s Learning Components

    We combine multiple components to architect a fully agile and personalized program.

     On-Demand Video (online)  Breakouts (online/offline)
     Reflection Exercises (online/offline)  Personal Development Action Plan (online/offline)
     Self-Assessments (online/offline)  Habit Builder (online)
     Action Learning Projects (online/offline)  Simulations (online/offline)
     Peer Coaching (online/offline)  Business Case Development (online/offline)
     Leadership Circles (online/offline)

    Offline Executive Education

    Custom Learning at the Schulich Executive Education Centre

    Organizations can benefit from a truly academic experience by having the Schulich Executive Education Centre host their staff at the one of the leading learning facilities in Toronto. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest learning technology, breakout space, conference rooms, catering and dining needs.

    Custom Learning In-House

    Organizations can benefit from the convenience of hosting Schulich Executive Education Centre’s top programs at their location of choice. Our faculty have delivered programs all over the world so that our clients can reduce effort in accommodating travel where necessary.

    How SEEC Designs Custom Online Programs

    We Design from Inside the Medium

    Our team of designers and faculty dedicate their time to designing for (1) specific sectors, (2) organizations, (3) participants and (4) medium.

    We Keep it Brief and Frequent

    Programs can take place over a portion of a day or stretch across a continuum. We are not confined by time and space.

    We Make it Real and Connected

    Our online programs use real-world scenarios and projects. Online tools allows our faculty and students to stay connected as they work through real-world challenges and business cases.

    Keep it Social. Use Digital to Sustain

    With our digital tools and methods such as Action Learning Projects Online and Peer Circles, we are able to connect people more rapidly and frequently.

    How We Engage Online Participants

    The distractions from the online world are real. Many organizations raise valid points about their concern for keeping participants engaged while learning online. At SEEC, our instructors use proven practices that vastly increase participant engagement. They truly flip the classroom collecting insights from each participant.

    Group Size Matters

    SEEC’s online learning programs are truly private learning experiences that leverage the participants engagement first and foremost, which is why SEEC limits the number of participants in specific learning events and modalities so as to optimize the learning experience.

Our programs and services come under four categories:

    • Structured Open Enrolment Plans
      Working with Canada’s widest range of Open Enrolment Programs, we will help you plan cost-effective business training programs for your employees that meet their personal development needs.
    • In-House Training Programs
      Any one of our Open Enrolment programs can be delivered in-house for a dedicated group from your organization
    • Custom Designed Programming
      Our team of designers are there to assess your needs and custom design a program that meets specific business and development needs of your organization
    • Talent Management Services
      Leadership development programs are just part of the story to create a robust pipeline of leaders in your organization. We created the Global Talent Centre to provide a comprehensive set of services to support this objective.
  • Alex Klein

    “In my experience there is no other business school that can match SEEC in terms of their flexibility, design and deployment, their price point in relation to the quality of their programs and the exceptionally strong facilitators that they bring. Further, the SEEC team has a true will to win with a sense of modesty and refinement. They come highly recommended.”

    Alex KleinHead of Leadership, Talent & Organisational Development, NN Group, Amsterdam, NL
  • Steve Gallagher

    “After researching several top level business schools in both Canada and the U.S. it was determined that SEEC was the best fit for Votorantim Cement North America (VCNA) to partner with to develop and deliver our Corporate University Program to our employees across both Canada and the U.S. To date, the results both in terms of development and delivery have been outstanding. ”

    Steve GallagherVice President Human Resources, VCNA/St. Mary's Cement Inc., (Votorantim Cement North America)
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