Building Your Professional Adaptability

More and more younger professionals are facing challenges in receiving constructive feedback, sticking to goals, regaining control of how they perceive the organization and taking away a positive experience in difficult times.

Organizations are struggling to improve their employee engagement even with the introduction of job perks and increased management training. However, re-directing the training focus and effort from manager to staff has allowed organizations to improve the foundational behaviours of their staff. This is consistent with staff needs as younger professionals are asking for more soft-skill training and deeper education into how to dial-up critical behaviours, specifically, behaviours that help young professionals bounce back from difficult situations.

This program is designed to shift the mindset of younger professionals so that they are better equipped to receive coaching feedback, recognize opportunities in difficult times and develop a more positive mindset in how they see the organization and their place in it.

Participants will:

  • Complete a resiliency and adaptability self-assessment
  • Explore the range of intensity in emotion and adaptability
  • Examine how to maintain a goal in the face of adversity
  • Leverage improv exercises to explore emotions and behaviours under duress
  • Simulate live scenarios to experience and demonstrate resiliency and adaptability

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