Career Empowerment

Engaged employees create significantly more value for organizations than employees who are not engaged

Recent studies by human resource organizations show that up to half of early-in-career employees – those with less than five years’ experience in the workforce – were ready to change jobs for better opportunities, both in pay and career fulfilment, within the first year.

It is increasingly clear that employers have a significant role to play in empowering the success of their employees with the right kind of training. Helping this group of employees develop their skills not only makes them become better at what they do but also more likely to stay with a company. To help meet this growing need in the workforce, the Schulich ExecEd has developed the Career Empowerment Program to help organization leaders and HR professionals ensure that each early-in-career employee is empowered to succeed and has a clear and measurable growth development road map.

Participants will:

  • Explore the impact of their reputation in the organization
  • Examine how to overcome the imposter syndrome
  • Develop their effectiveness in articulating their accomplishments
  • Champion their authenticity and learn to effectively self-manage
  • Practice techniques to sharpen focus and champion a winning attitude
  • Cultivate momentum and how to better manage time and responsibilities
  • Adopt positive and growth-focused perspectives for problem solving
  • Create a dynamic career roadmap within their organization
  • Explore how to manage up and mine for gold: combing experience for value
  • Practice techniques for managing relationship intelligence
  • Identify strategies for building and managing an external and internal network
  • Develop mindful use of technology practices

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