Digital+Human Curiosity

Digital+Human Curiosity helps participants shift their mindset away from digital as a channel towards digital as a strategy.

This highly interactive workshop will contextualize how digital is transforming industries and paving the way for innovative new business models. Participants will learn to take a digital+human approach to innovation, strategy and communications.

Participants will:

  • Learn core skills and behaviours to evaluate challenges through a digital+human lens
  • Build their business acumen as it relates to the digital landscape
  • Explore modern technology business models and how it relates to their business
  • Identify how to apply human-centric methods to creating digital products and services
  • Practice hard and soft skills required to successfully take a digital+human approach
  • Articulate the impact of technology on all parts of an organization
  • Learn methods and frameworks to take a curiosity-led approach to innovation

The program purposefully blends the digital+human lenses in terms of how technologies are presented, empowering participants to think critically not only about technology but also on its impact to customers, users and stakeholders.

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