Leading Digital Transformation

This program has been developed for senior level vice presidents & executives to get a better foothold in today’s industry. It was designed in collaboration with industry experts and through consultation with leaders in digital transformation — Google, Microsoft, Accenture, CIBC and Schulich. Participants will also have the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and networking through case work and breakout sessions. Between sessions, participants will be tasked to apply the learning to their own organization challenges to have a direct impact on the business.

Participants will learn:

  • Discover new ways of thinking to succeed in the future
  • Identify what it takes to lead in the digital Era
  • Identify how innovation will evolve in the digital economy
  • Identify technological and economic trends that create digital disruption
  • Use a framework for introducing cultural change to adopt digital disruption
  • Apply and demonstrate digital disruption concepts using practical case studies
  • Understand the potential and hype of emerging technologies like AI, robotics and IoT
  • Identify insights on the human experience of new technology introduction
  • Highlight examples of unique successes and failures of digital technology adoption

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