Political Acuity

Traditional thinking suggests you either have political acuity, or you don’t.

New research and the real-life experiences of the seminar leader combine to provide a candid and insightful conversation about what it means to be politically astute.  The seminar leader will use case-based discussions to explore new approaches to thinking and analysis that will remove the mysteries of what it means to think “politically” and enhance the quality of our analysis.

This program will introduce learners to the skills and abilities needed to understand and cultivate their political acuity.  Learners will focus on building skills to better work with formal and informal systems, practices, relationships and cultures so that you can identify impacts, influence decisions and achieve organizational objectives.  Learners will develop skills to better predict the way new events and emerging issues will affect their organization, their customers and stakeholders.

Participants will:

  • Examine how to manage informal and formal power relationships,
  • Learn how to predict the way new events and emerging issues and their impact
  • Develop their strategic communication skills
  • Identify strategies for developing relationships with leaders
  • Develop problem solving techniques when there is a ‘disconnect’ between objectives
  • Identify strategies and motives for building internal and external networks
  • Practice tips for enhancing judgment, political acumen and communications skills

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