Artificial Intelligence (AI) in FinTech for Company Growth

  • A non-technical, business insight-rich approach

  • The financial industry has always been a technological hotbed. Although still very much in its infancy, AI for fintech (Artificial Intelligence finance technology) today is becoming influential across the sector as financial industry players from big banks to hedge funds try to leverage consumer data to offer their clients and prospects more competitive and customized products and services. This new two-day, non-technical AI for fintech course is designed to give participants a comprehensive overview of how AI in the fintech market is currently being used, and how it can be further leveraged: from personal finance and insurance, to transaction searches and visualizations, to assessing client and credit risk, insurance claims, and algorithmic trading.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • A non-technical primer designed to give financial industry executives the knowledge and insight required to begin leveraging AI-based applications for competitive advantage

    Mold your organization to the changing needs of the evolving market with a customer-responsive financial environment

    Harness AI as a catalyst for developing innovative products and services that are technologically progressive

    Become more aware of the factors which must be managed on the journey of digital transformation and implementation