Leading Collaboratively

In today's disrupted times, tapping into the potential of your people by creating more agile and productive teams and developing sustainable collaborative practices with all stakeholders is critical for high performance and success.

This program will help you create and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation where people work together effectively in teams to solve business problems. The result will be an organization which fully engages its employees; develops collective intelligence and achieves business goals more efficiently and effectively.

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • Examine talent, workplace and leadership practices to build a more collaborative culture.

  • Assess team performance and implement practical strategies to increase team effectiveness.

  • Gain practical ideas, tips and tools to improve collaboration and decrease the silo effect.

    • “This was a great course, very relevant to what I do every day. Now I have more tools to handle my project to help our organization reach its strategic goals.”

      N. GolestaniManager, GSI Canada
    • “This course offers experienced leaders the opportunity to explore an enhanced method of facilitating goal achievement. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructor renders the subject matter both practical and exciting”

      V. ShepherdExecutive Director, AVLA

About This Program

  • Learn how to foster collaboration and work better together to improve organizational effectiveness

    This two-day program will help you create and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation where people work together effectively in teams to solve business problems. The result will be an organization which achieves its strategic objectives quicker, and fully engages its employees, so they stay longer.

    In this highly interactive program, participants will learn to:

    • Build a collaborative culture by developing high-performing teams and addressing leadership and workplace practices.
    • Assess team performance and implement practical strategies to improve it immediately.
    • Apply practical ideas, tips and tools to develop effective collaboration practices.

    Harnessing collective intelligence is the key to today’s workplace challenges.

    Top Take-Aways

    • Describe the value of developing shared purpose to drive collaborative efforts and fostering a culture of collaboration
    • Address current challenges such as working virtually; collaboration technology and collaboration fatigue.
    • Create a psychologically safe environment to increase trust and build relationships
    • Improve organizational learning capability by thinking with a systems lens
    • Learn the 14 factors of high performing teams and how to improve team effectiveness within and across teams
    • Address common challenges within teams (decision making, role clarity) and practice relationship systems intelligence practices to enhance team performance
    • Learn how to manage conflict productively to enhance diverse thought
    • Learn the characteristics of collaborative leaders to implement collaboration across teams and reduce silos
    • Practice essential collaboration skills such as active listening, questioning, and feedback to build the culture required for effective collaboration

    Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for directors, managers, and supervisors who are responsible for leading others and creating collaborative cultures to achieve business goals.

    Unique Program Features

    • Receive a booklet on “Team Tools for Collaboration” ™ to enhance productivity in the workplace
    • Complete a Team Leader View (TLV)™ on your own team to assess them on 14 high-performing team factors
    • Learn your primary conflict style(s) by completing the Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Assessment

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Michelle Chambers

Michelle Chambers, M.Ed, CSODP, CHRL, CTDP, CTPC

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