Certificate in Executive Sales Management

  • Throughout this five-day sales management course, you’ll acquire skills in 10 essential areas:

    Strategic framework for sales success, identifying three key drivers of sales success, competitive market analysis, optimizing client intelligence, critical thinking and problem solving, making a leadership difference in sales, sales leadership behaviors, hire and retain top performers, tools to enhance sales force performance, and group work and presentations.

    This program empowers you with tools and techniques to build a high-performance sales team; develop integrated sales plans at the divisional, geographic and customer segment levels; and strengthen your team-building and management skills. You’ll learn to custom-design a competitive intelligence and benchmarking system for your organization, and leverage your emotional intelligence to sell your products and services.

    Who Should Attend

    This program will benefit experienced sales executives, directors and vice presidents; sales managers at the regional, national and international levels; frontline sales managers with at least two years’ management experience; and non-sales general managers and business owners who are responsible for sales force performance and policies.

    What You Will Learn

    • Develop the high-performance leadership skills required to drive a high-performance sales organization
    • Discover a proven strategic framework that will help you manage your team’s sales and performance targets, and improve customer satisfaction
    • Enhance efficiency by adopting leading-edge Customer Relationship Management strategies
    • Understand how to utilize today’s most advanced social-selling tool set to drive your pipeline and revenue
    • Leverage your EQ to improve performance, strategic thinking and leadership
    • “I would recommend this course to anybody who works in sales and business. Through experience and innovative thinking, the amazing teachers and coaches will challenge you. I will implement their ideas in my business.”

      H. MynerDirector of Sales, Ottobock
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  • Message from the Program Director

    Successful sales organizations don’t happen by accident. They are the direct result of outstanding strategic management and innovative leadership. That is what the Certificate in Executive Sales Management is all about.

    Join other executives from top sales organizations across North America to map out innovative sales, marketing and customer service strategies for your organization. You will also examine the essentials of leadership, team-building and sales force management – skills that are crucial to achieving maximum productivity and sales force stability.

    Attending this program will profoundly alter your perspective of sales management. But most important of all, you will emerge with the tools and knowledge you need to lead your organization to success.

    We look forward to seeing you at our next session.

    Michael Taylor
    Program Director

    Program Director Photo
    Michael Taylor Schulich Executive Education Centre
    Schulich School of Business, York University