Early-in-Career Program

Recent studies by human resource organizations show that up to half of early-in-career employees – those with less than five years’ experience in the workforce – were ready to change jobs for better opportunities, both in pay and career fulfilment, within the first year.

Learn how to create a career path for yourself in your organization and be ready to empower yourself to succeed and have a clear and measurable growth development roadmap.

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • Learn how to tell your story and build your personal brand

  • Learn the power of introspective analysis and how to engage with your work and peers

  • Learn the soft skills that drive a successful career no matter what your specific industry or job role

About This Program

  • This fully self-paced experience empowers learners to complete the program without interrupting their own schedule. It challenges them to think strategically about their career paths and how to meet their career goals within the organization.


    Who Should Attend

    This program is ideal for:

    • Early-in-career employees
    • Individual contributors or new managers
    • Team leads, project leads or non-people leaders
    • Those who are eager to create a career path within their current organization
    • Those who are looking to accelerate their career growth


    What You Will Learn

    • Learn how to craft your narrative for maximum empathetic engagement
    • Learn to use the art of collaboration to achieve excellence
    • Uncover how to build a positive reputation that will endure
    • Learn how to identify and drive for meaningful results in your role
    • Hone your expertise and unique value proposition to become exemplary
    • Learn how to “roadmap” your career so you can build direction and drive
    • Learn how to create meaningful results in your role that will distinguish your work

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Additional Delivery Options

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