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Leadership is constantly changing, and the past few years have redefined what it means to be a leader. To excel in their careers, senior leaders must adapt accordingly. It’s all about changing mindsets: becoming a leader that is relational, disruptive, and innovative. This high-voltage program will teach you how to integrate these mindsets into your leadership style, forge relationships, nurture culture, and design the future world of work.

Based on ten years of experience working with thousands of leaders and grounded in relational leadership theory, this program won’t just teach you about change but how to change. Build new confidence and a holistic worldview that inspires teams to believe anything is possible.

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • Reignite your purpose story by workshopping with groups of leaders as energized and future-focused as you

  • Identify blind spots and assumptions that are weakening your leadership

  • Don’t just learn. Create. Work on individual and team projects where you’ll learn how to create collages, harness social media, and practice new ways to communicate and troubleshoot

  • Explore the current narrative of your organization and recast it to become an uplifting signature story

  • Gain a customized Leadership 4.0 Blue Print mapping out your leadership journey

About This Program

  • Learn to be a more self-aware, compassionate, and inclusive leader. 

    In this two-day course, you’ll be supported by faculty and experts who are experts in leadership. Experiment, learn more about your leadership style, and level up your leadership career. 

    What You Will Learn

    • Seven interlocking practices of relational leadership
    • How to use these practices to develop new behaviours in yourself and others
    • How to see the world differently using visualization techniques 
    • Immersive experiences, tools, and techniques to lead others to enhance performance and achieve results

    Who Should Attend

    This is program is for senior leaders who…

    • are looking for completely new perspectives and insights on leadership
    • want to learn advanced and unique concepts to ignite their purpose, become more compassionate leaders and embrace the digital world
    • aspire to be the culture builders of tomorrow

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