Guided Self-Coaching for New Supervisors and Managers

  • Learn how to ‘get out of your own way’

  • Guided self-coaching is a quick and effective way of moving forward to embrace opportunity by overcoming personal challenges and maximizing your professional potential. In six modules, taken over six weeks, this e+ Online Program is business training for new mananger and involves using your life experience to help you find out things about yourself on your own, through techniques of self-awareness and reflection. It will help you identify and overcome the issues that may be influencing your effectiveness at work and will clear the way to success through increased self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity and problem-solving skills.

program learning features

  • Interactive, engaging e-learning modules and pre-recorded mini-lectures.

  • Apply your learning between modules to get the instructor's comments.

  • Enrol any time year-round to start this program

  • Learn at your own pace with online program modules

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Gain self-confidence, determination and self-empowerment

    Consciously understand your “why” and become more self-reliant

    Learn how to implement a unique self-coaching technique through practice and feedback