Harnessing AI for Growth

In 3 half-days, transform yourself and your organization with AI and machine learning (ML). This virtual program teaches all about AI and ML, how they can help you and your organization grow, and the best methods of incorporating them into your business practices. Learn about these innovative technologies today to prepare for tomorrow.

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • Get hands-on learning with our 3-part workshop on AI foundations & machine learning

  • Learn how AI applies to everyday life with role-specific use cases

  • Discover how AI and machine learning can drive initiatives and investments forward within organizations

About This Program

  • AI and machine learning are transforming the industries of tomorrow – but it’s the organizations that can rapidly educate and inspire their workforce that will gain the most from this disruptive technology. Our 3-part program introduces participants to the foundations of AI & machine learning, role-specific use cases, and how to drive initiatives & investments forward within the organization.

    On-The-Job Skills Participants Will Gain:

    • Ability to think strategically about how the organization can leverage the power of AI
    • Estimating ROI for AI investments to gain executive support for technology innovation and the importance of data quality & governance
    • Thinking critically about driving business value in the current environment and beyond

    Who Should Attend

    This program is specifically designed for senior leaders and those in senior positions eager to embrace AI and think strategically about human and business implications.

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