Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership is an overused term, that lacks clarity yet poses such a risk to our professional careers and major reputational and financial risks to our organizations. Businesses are navigating an environment that is increasing in diversity, uncertainty, and scrutiny while the corporate landscape continues to shift in a myriad of ways. Against this tumultuous backdrop, leaders are challenged to become more inclusive from design through to delivery of services. What exactly does that mean? How exactly do we make inclusive leadership a reality?

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • This course is facilitated by instructors and certified coaches experienced in developing inclusive leaders

  • Apply your learning between program sessions and immediately improve your organization's equitability and inclusiveness

  • Network with your peers across multiple industries and make meaningful corporate connections

  • Acquire the skills needed to engage in meaningful conversations regarding unconscious bias, diversity, and inclusion with your team

  • A balanced combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning sessions to provide flexibility that fits your schedule

About This Program

  • About this Program

    This six week certificate program will provide leaders a safe space to explore the fundamental mindsets, knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to lead and design inclusive leadership pathway as well as concrete steps you can take to confidently and effectively become more inclusive.

    Participant Profile

    The program has been designed for leaders in a diverse workplace looking to develop knowledge and skills required to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

    Course delivery:

    • A balanced combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning sessions
    • Read and explore learning activities (via McGraw-Hill Connect or via the app)
    • Summative live coaching sessions and action planning

    After completing the program, participants will be able to:

    • Engage in meaningful conversations regarding how to achieve inclusive leadership in the workplace.
    • Recognize policies, processes, and practices that hinder or improve inclusive leadership.
    • Utilize inclusive leadership action plan to foster a culture of inclusion within organization/team.
    • Leverage mindsets, knowledge, skills, and attitudes to lead with greater confidence and efficacy in a diverse environment.

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