Lead Up: Leadership Essentials for New and Aspiring Leaders

As a new or aspiring leader, you have some good instincts about how to lead others, but you’re looking to learn more about influencing the people around you. This virtual program leverages the leadership experience you already have to build stronger relationships, collaboration and credibility with others.

With only 6 hours of study over 3 weeks, learn the best practices of leadership and encourage and embed new behaviours. Don’t just be a leader, be an exceptional leader.

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • Learn the essentials of becoming a calm, cool and collected leader amidst a variety of situations, both chaotic and otherwise

  • Journey from inner self-management to outer interactions with team members and leadership

  • Gain concrete models, strategies, and steps to use in any leadership position

About This Program

  • This program provides actionable tools for new and aspiring leaders to build value in their teams and the organization as a whole. The principles of the program—self-awareness and self-management, collaborative communication and building leadership credibility—are beneficial in two ways:

    1. First, increase engagement (your own and others’)
    2. Second, build your leadership capability

    On-The-Job Skills Participants Gain

    • Increased ability to self-regulate through conflict using the Ladder of Inference and the 3 Steps to Instant Calm
    • Greater ability to communicate, build collaborations with peers and leaders, and strengthen trust and accountability within teams
    • Connecting with leadership by understanding their mindset and talking their talk

    Who Should Attend:

    This program is designed for new and aspiring leaders who are eager to increase their leadership capabilities and potential.

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