Leading Digital Transformation

Technology drives change. Organizations must experiment with and adopt new tools to remain competitive. Through 8 half-days of study, this program will help you keep up with new and emerging digital technologies transforming industries overnight.

Level up for the future in a competitive landscape rife with competition and disruption from traditional and entirely new players.

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • Gain a holistic perspective on how to approach digital transformation and enact strategies for change within your organization

  • Learn rich teachings through a unique combination of lectures, case studies, group discussions and applied activities

  • Bring a real-world challenge of your choice to practice the skills learned through the program and leave with a detailed digital strategy to tackle the issue

About This Program

  • This program aims to give learners a comprehensive overview of digital transformation that will allow them to harness the power of digital technologies. Learn a framework for considering new and emerging technologies as potential disruptive tools. 

    By studying methods for opportunity identification, competitive forces, workforce implications, strategic frameworks, and of course, understanding emerging technologies, learners will gain the knowledge and confidence to develop strategies around digital transformation and lead technology-driven change.

    On-The-Job Skills Participants Will Gain

    • Technology fluency: become fluent in the knowledge and language surrounding transformative technologies for yourself and for teaching others.
    • Prioritizing focus: in a time of countless competing demands for time and resources, learn approaches to identifying high-potential opportunities and ways to mitigate key risks.
    • Remaining competitive: as the pace of technology continues to accelerate, understand how to harness these disruption tools and stay competitive in any industry or function.
    • Project adoption: most transformative projects fail not because of technical reasons but because people refuse to use them. Learn to manage disruptive change to ensure alignment with your organization’s culture, processes, and people.

    Who Should Attend:

    • This program is for senior managers, directors, and executives who want a better understanding of how to harness emerging technologies in order to transform their business and disrupt their industry.

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