Managing an Agile Mining Supply Chain in Challenging Times

  • Learn new methods of navigating a changed supply chain world

  • Disrupted and disturbed…. Whether you are standing up stream of your mining supply chain or downstream, what was in place and working is no longer reliable. The stakeholders, the interfaces, the outcomes, as well as the plans, systems and practices have all gone through a major upheaval. This three-hour online session, organized by SEEC and Mine Africa, features seasoned experts who will provide participants with tools and takeaways that will help them identify solutions tailored to the specificities of their own organizations, regardless of size and level of activity.

    Join our highly recognized instructor and industry leaders such Michelle Ash, Eira Thomas and many others for this engaging short course. Please click on the "View complete program details" box below for more information on the course.

program learning features

  • Three-hour online session featuring industry experts

  • Acquire tools and takeaways to help identify solutions to new challenges

  • Build better control the process by proper integration of technology, innovation and culture

  • Define the Supply Chain Ecosystem for your mining organization

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Learn how to Futureproof your business

    Understand what it takes to be agile and resilient

    Understand the Value Chain, not just the Supply Chain

    Convenient three-hour online session featuring expert industry speakers