Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development – Practicum

  • The capstone module of your adult training and development experience.

    To receive your Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development you must attend and complete all four in-class program modules and then complete the Practicum by submitting a report.

    • For information on the Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development, visit the program website. Note that for full-program participants, the practicum fee is included with your registration. For those participants who are taking standalone modules, the $400 fee applies. Contact our Customer Care Team by email or call 416-736-5079 for more information or to register your preferred method of completing the practicum (see details below).

    Once all modules have been completed you then submit a Practicum Report, within the policy timeline, for successful program completion.

    The Practicum Report provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your practicum experience. The idea is to apply new learning from this program, so we strongly recommend you do something you haven’t done before.

    You are responsible for arranging your own practicum. If you’re looking for an opportunity outside of your workplace, consider contacts among your fellow students, contacting a community or volunteer organization that can use your expertise, or promoting an event on your own among friends or for the general public. A practicum placement at your workplace is acceptable, as long as it is a new initiative that can add value to your learning from the MCATD and benefit your employer. It should not be part of your regular paid work.

    There are three options for completing the Practicum:

    Option 1: ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation i.e. Facilitation, Evaluation)

    The focus of this option is your demonstration of and reflection on the design and delivery of training for adult learners.

    Option 2: ID (Skill Demonstration in Instructional Design)

    The focus of this option is to demonstrate a good grasp of the essentials of instructional design through applying the steps of the instructional design process introduced in Module 3, to design effective training for a specific group of adult learners.

    Option 3: CTDP Designation

    This option is offered by our partner, the I4PL (Institute for Performance and Learning, formerly CSTD), through their CTDP designation, which must include a skills and knowledge demo. The latter serves as your practicum requirement for the MCATD.

    Click on “View Options” button below for details on each one.

    When you have decided on an option, you must register your choice with the coordinator who will make the necessary arrangements.

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