Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development

  • Well-educated facilitators are key to the success of the adult training function in organizations across sectors.

    Training staff has become increasingly critical for organizational agility and responsiveness to client needs. This program helps to develop all of the essential competencies required to function as a professional in the teaching of adult learners in the workplace. It was developed at the graduate level in response to expressed needs of Master’s Degree students, who felt that an introduction to adult learning principles needed to be complemented by hands-on experiential practice in the skills of teaching adult learners.

    The program promises to expose learners to all of the core theory and practice of the training field, in order to develop professionals who not only understand why they are teaching in certain ways, but also are able to skillfully apply this understanding to their actual behaviour on the job.

    This Masters Certificate program (MCATD) includes 13 days of instruction over four months, followed by a practicum to be completed within a year. Participants must take Module 1 and choose two of Modules 2, 3 and 4, plus the practicum (3 modules + practicum).

    Information on the Practicum options is available here. Contact our Customer Care Team by email or call 416-736-5079 for more information or to register your preferred method of completing the practicum.

    Standalone Module Registration

    Individual modules of the Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development are available as standalone options. For more information on each module, click on “View Modules” below. Links to register in each session are located at the bottom of the module description.

    • “Great seminar with amazing instructor. Her professionalism and care was felt every step of the way.”

      Monica FloresInvestor Relations Supervisor, State Street
    • “This course has given me the confidence to speak up and express my thoughts and opinions based on topics that we have learned within the course and the amount of group activities that took place. I really enjoyed learning about the different learning styles and how we can change our reactions and learning designs based on the audience.”

      Daniella BaliceLearning Coordinator, Aecon Construction Group Inc.
    • “Great introductory course to help you understand the Adult Learner and methods to develop learning modules with the learning styles in mind.”

      Sylvia LeeManager, Professional Development, Canadian Professional Sales Association
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  • Message from the Program Director

    Workplace educators have long known that mastery of a content area or technical skill does not mean one can teach that content or skill to others. Teaching is an art and science that includes the ability to assess needs, design effective programs, and implement and evaluate their impact in a way that insures ROI for the organization and a genuine increase in knowledge and skill for the individual.

    The MCATD program promises to expose learners to all of the core theory and current practices of the training field, in order to develop professionals who not only understand why they are designing and teaching in certain ways, but also are able to skilfully apply this understanding to their actual behaviour on the job.

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new format for the Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development. It retains all of the program’s superb content and talented facilitators, but now is in a more condensed format of 13 days in three modules plus a practicum, including our two popular e-learning modules. So you complete the program sooner, pay less and can choose your own learning path, whether you are an up-front classroom or virtual trainer and/or designer.

    Benefits of the New Model:

    * Simplified design – now you can take the e-learning modules as part of your complete program, without having to add them on.
    * Least expensive option – the price point is at the lowest of the three current options (2 are being eliminated), while still resulting in a Masters Certificate from SEEC.
    * More time between modules – we’ve heard from participants that they want more time to apply what they’ve learned before taking on a new module.
    * Shorter completion time – 5-day modules condenses the time to completion.
    * Customized learning paths – you choose the modules that make sense for you.
    * Robust stand-alone modules – if you don’t need or want the full program, our modules provide individual certificates for the specific topics you want. (Alumni discounts apply if you have completed the certificate program, and want to add the modules you missed).

    We are all very excited about this new design, and believe it will enhance the content and delivery of the MCATD program. We look forward to meeting you and/or your colleagues in the first Module in January, 2019, for what our Alumni say might be the best learning experience of your life!
    Our schedule for the Winter and Fall 2019 offerings of the program is currently available on the SEEC/MCATD website.


    Program Director Photo
    Marilyn Laiken, PhD, CTDP, CSODP Schulich Executive Education Centre
    Schulich School of Business, York University
  • This program has been approved for CDP hours under Section A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA). Be sure to note the program ID number on your CPD log. For more information about certification or continuing professional development, visit the HRPA website at