Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders

  • Whether you’re looking to implement a data analytics program from scratch, take your use of data to the next level, or simply increase your fluency in the domain, the Masters Certificate in Analytics Leadership is the program for you.

    This nine-day program for non-data specialists, is delivered in seven modules over three months and has been designed to quickly round out your knowledge of all the technical, managerial and organizational dimensions required to successfully and sustainably generate insights from data and translate them into action. This cutting-edge data analytics content is structured in convenient standalone modules can be taken by managers from any sector or functional area.

    What is Required to Implement Data Analytics?

    While most organizations today collect data as a basis for decision making, seeing patterns in the exploding volumes being generated can quickly become overwhelming. Analyzing it properly to in order to make better business decisions requires some specialized skills and tools, especially for non-data specialists.

    What Does Predictive Analytics Entail?

    Leveraging data using the right analytics tools can “open a window into the future”. It works when organization leaders can recognize the patterns and then ask the right questions of the data. The result is meaningful insights that uncover hidden or unexpected opportunities.

    Communication Skills Are Critical

    Having useful data is essential. It then becomes necessary, using data visualization, to shape them into a format that effectively communicates results and recommendations to managers across the organization so they can take action.

    Leadership Dimensions

    For analytics to gain traction, organizational infrastructure, processes and support from management must also be developed and implemented. That involves being able to advocate for and manage change. Applying analytics-focused entrepreneurial and design thinking results in a culture that fully engages the workforce for maximum effectiveness.

    How Technically Demanding is it?

    The modules have been developed for non-data scientists and do not require any prior technical knowledge. Some topics make use of math but only for explanation or demonstration purposes. All participants require to benefit is an openness to learning.

    Two Registration Options

    Two ways to earn your Masters Certificate:

    • Register for and complete the full program in just 13 days over 2 months.
    • Complete all the standalone modules at your own pace over three years. (Please note, the Introduction to Analytics module must be taken first).

    Participant Profile

    This program has been designed for executives and professionals with diverse needs from any sector or functional area, including managers who:

    • Want to learn about data analytics tools and techniques and leverage insights from big data to allow their organization to make better business decisions
    • Are tasked with implementing, enhancing or expanding the role of analytics in their organization
    • Currently work on analytics projects or are involved with a data team, and want to increase their fluency in the domain and their command of its tools and techniques

    Unique Program Features Include

    • Derived from Schulich’s MBA Business Analytics concentration; incorporates content and skills most requested by industry leaders
    • INFORMS CAP® (Certified Analytics Professional) recognized program

    Sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for two hours starting at noon. For a detailed schedule, click on the Detailed Schedule button below.

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  • Message from the Program Director

    This program delivers an approachable, behind-the-scenes foundation of analytics, providing you with the expertise and confidence needed to summarize, interpret, derive and communicate insights from data. This 13-day program is the first of its kind, incorporating data visualization and data science techniques and empowering you with the skills you need to apply different analytical approaches to strategic business decision-making, identify market opportunities and secure competitive advantage.

    This tailored program provides an introduction to the concepts of analytics and enhances leadership skills for professionals interested in learning how to identify and use key insights from business analytics.

    Program Director Photo
    Murat Kristal, PhD Schulich Executive Education Centre
    Schulich School of Business, York University
  • Program details

    • CE Credits 14 PDU - PMI Technical
      14 PDU - PMI Leadership
      56 PDU - PMI Strategic
      Format Virtual Classroom
    • Fee $9,950 Deposit $1,000 See fee details and conditions
    Next sessions
    • October 4, 2021 - December 6, 2021
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