Masters Certificate in Leadership

This 8-day Masters Certificate program will show you your personal leadership style and how to use it to create a WIN-Thinking mindset for your team and organization. The eight modules, delivered in the virtual classroom, cover topics such as creating a culture of success, entrepreneurship and innovation as well as financial acumen and how to find the best talent for your enterprise.

This program includes the LeaderGENE™ assessment tool and a one-on-one review of your results with a leadership coach.

About This Program

  • The need for leadership development has never been more critical: Today’s leaders face demanding jobs and the added pressures of rapid change and a new work environment.

    Leadership development is no longer just about coaching and managing performance. Today’s leaders face growing complexity in their roles. From engaging with and empowering staff to cultivate innovation and meeting the demand for integrating emerging technologies, there has been no time like the present for leaders to ramp up their proficiency in both hard and soft skills.

    Gain leadership insights from top faculty. Develop your leadership mindset. Transform your career. Level up for the future.

    Explore your leadership gene with the LeaderGeneTM Assessment

    This pre-program exercise, included in your course fee, is designed to assess your dimensions of leadership and what comes naturally to you. It consists of a 45-minute online assessment taken prior to the start of the program. This exercise must be completed before the start of the second module.

    • Explore your inherent strengths and potential using the LeaderGENE™ assessment tool.
    • Identify your leadership profile and styles.
    • Examine how you are hardwired as a leader

    Completion Deadline: You must finish the LeaderGene assessment before the start of the second module in order to complete this program. 

    One-on-One Coaching and Debrief

    Once you complete your assessment, you will have an opportunity to unpack your LeaderGeneTM results in a private one-on-one session. Work closely with an executive coach to debrief your leadership genetic make-up.

    • Explore the dimensions of a leader in detail with examples
    • Breakdown your strengths and seek clarity on opportunities
    • Develop a Personal Development Action Plan (PDAP) to take forward throughout the program

    What will you learn:

    • A winning recipe for creating a WIN thinking mindset on your team and within your organization.
    • How to create your leadership blueprint for building the right culture.
    • The neuroscience of leadership and how mindset plays a role in your daily leadership behaviours.
    • Researched and proven dynamics of individual and organizational transformative leadership in today’s ambiguous and volatile climate.
    • How to break down barriers and learn to create new value.
    • How external and internal digital forces might shape future operating and innovation environments.
    • Learn how to attract top talent and bring a new attitude to talent management.

    Participant Profile

    This program has been designed for professionals from any sector or functional area with a minimum of three to four years of leadership experience who are:

    • Eager to further their leadership career
    • Looking for a program to distinguish themselves
    • Recently given a new or expanded leadership mandate
    • Seeking current, innovative and new perspectives, concepts and tools on leadership
    • Looking to measure and develop their leadership capability

Course Content Details

Additional Delivery Options

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