Masters Certificate in Project Management

The Masters Certificate in Project Management has been designed from the ground up to build excellent Project Managers – skillful, strategic leaders who can consistently guide projects to success.

Top Reasons To Choose
This Program

  • Minimizes time spent away from work – just 18 days spread over 4 to 5 months, with one weekend day per module

  • Covers all Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK®) ‘Principles of Behaviour’ and ‘Performance Domains’ to build your total skill set

  • Team-taught by real-world project instructors with extensive experience

  • Great networking and sharing of experiences to reinforce your learning

  • Designed to lead to senior-level career advancement opportunities

About This Program

  • 25 Years - Masters Certificate in Project ManagementWith a proven curriculum based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK®), developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), this 18-day project management program can return many times the value of the financial investment for years to come through successfully-executed projects.


    New updated content!

    Introduction to Agile and Scrum

    Agile is now a part of most organizations’ project management vocabulary: “Should we, shouldn’t we… can we combine our current practice with agile?” This new module will help us all be a part of that conversation.

    Online PMP Exam Preparation Modules

    Designed especially for this program, these 2-hour optional modules will take the PMP Exam candidates through an extensive review of exam requirements.

    Exclusive access to online videos, interviews and articles on the future of Project Management

    Participants will gain access to a library of online content discussing the future of our industry and how we can be better prepared. Topics will include: artificial Intelligence, digital transformation, block chain, data analytics and more.

    Why consolidate and certify your PM skills?

    Organizations now understand that success is built on the success of their projects.

    Today, organizations of all types and sizes understand that everything is a project – from implementing a new business system, to getting the boss to Europe and back over 10 days, to organizing a meeting. That means everyone in every functional area – from executive assistants to vice presidents – is a potential project manager. Top organizations foster success by cultivating strong project resources and supplying their people with the tools and formal training they need to get the job done right the first time.

    Why formal training in Project Management?

    Projects can have a lot of moving parts. Successfully managing them requires more than just using PM software to make Gantt charts. Without formal training, those who execute projects are essentially winging it – learning on the job through trial and error.

    They cannot be sure that what they’re doing is right or wrong, missing something, or that the solution they implement is the best possible course of action. To excel at the job, a Project Manager requires concise, comprehensive formal training in best practices, current thinking, and tools of the trade.

    Project managers are now expected to add value.

    The PM field is becoming very competitive. Top PMs know that, in order to deliver on time, on spec, and on budget, they need to know all facets of the field and apply their knowledge nimbly and accurately. That means being able to communicate with the team, manage stakeholders, procure and plan, ensure quality, minimize risk, and so much more.

    Truly competitive companies want Project Managers who can connect the work to the overall strategy, and add value by bringing a complete skill set to bear. A well-trained Project Manager trumps the person who’s winging it every time.

    Participants will benefit from:

    • The ability to look at projects in a whole new light and manage them systematically and strategically
    • A huge kit of powerful new tools, documents and templates which can be used as is or modified to suit
    • Getting prepared to write the PMP® designation exam through mastery of the material and the required contact hours (please refer to for complete application requirements)
    • Hands-on practice applying the material through a simulated project woven throughout the program – our ‘secret sauce’ for accelerated, intensified learning

    Participant Profile

    The Masters Certificate in Project Management is ideal for:

    • Professionals who are looking to excel their project management skills to be able to lead and manage more complex projects systematically and strategically
    • Anyone who does NOT have their PMP designation from PMI and who wishes to consolidate and certify their project management training for career success
    • Project Managers from any industry with at least one year’s experience, who wish to move up to a higher level in their field

    Green Program!

    Participants will receive all program learning materials electronically and are asked to bring a suitable tablet or laptop PC to class. Alternative arrangements are available upon request.

Course Content Details

Additional Delivery Options

Adapt this program to your organization with these additional delivery options.


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