Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership

  • Participate in the full Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership program or register for one of the three single modules: strategy, people and process.

    Link theory to practice with action-based learning, featuring collaborative exercises, business simulation, business case studies, virtual learning, best-practice sharing, dialogue and peer coaching. Benefit from leading-edge research and a cross-disciplinary approach informed by business, psychology, social science, information technology and adult learning.

    Each module prepares you to be a dynamic innovator and expands your horizons of knowledge in multiple areas. You’ll develop the skills necessary to increase revenue, reduce employee turnover, improve sales funnel velocity and enhance return on investment. Transform your sales and organizational culture to surpass expectations by leading and implementing a comprehensive, strategic and tactical approach across all facets of your sales organization.

    Who Should Attend

    Limited to just 25 participants, this program is designed for those driven to be best-in-class in sales leadership, and specifically for sales executives and managers with several years of leadership experience who are, or will be, responsible for strategic direction. This program is recommended for vice-presidents; directors of sales; divisional managers; national, international, regional and area sales managers; high-potential leaders with mature sales experience; and presidents of small and medium business. An entry interview will confirm that the program suits your experience and goals and will provide a fertile, collaborative learning environment of colleagues.

    What you will learn

    The program will especially benefit sales leaders who manage a sales force that operates in today’s complex business-to-business environment. Participants will take away the following:

    • Leadership principles and critical thinking skills
    • Strategic business alignment plan
    • Sales management process
    • Segmentation and coverage strategy
    • Opportunity and account management process
    • Innovative approaches to motivation
    • Coaching and mentoring models
    • Maximizing today’s sales recruitment
    • Performance management
    • Change management skills
    • Innovation model
    • Adaptation of today’s social tool set for selling

    Individual modules of this program are available as standalone courses. Go to “View Modules” on the details page for registration links.

    Program Director Michael Taylor talks about the Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership
    • “The personal reflection married with tools to accelerate change and people development are fantastic and will contribute to my personal success and satisfaction in my role.”

      T. RiderNational Head, Specialized Sales Business Financial Services, RBC Royal Bank
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  • Message from the Program Director

    Sales leadership is all about results.

    Sales is the part of your organization where success and failure are most clear. The lifeblood of your company depends on the revenue your team generates.

    So in developing The Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership we focused on both the importance of long-term strategy and the essential need to achieve in-year, short-term results.

    Join us in this world-class endeavour where you learn from industry leaders informed by leading edge research and best practices. Realize both immediate results and lasting strategic advantage.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information or register for our free webinar.

    Program Director Photo
    Michael Taylor Schulich Executive Education Centre
    Schulich School of Business, York University
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    • September 20, 2021 - November 10, 2021