SMART Cities Leadership

  • SMART is coming. Are you and your department ready?

    Participants will do a deep dive into trends in SMART City framework, design and management and gain a comprehensive overview of all the elements and dimensions which must be considered and managed in order to move to a successful SMART future in their municipality. They will also explore a number of successful domestic and international SMART city management initiatives and gain unique insights through discussion of their complexities with the very creators of those projects.

    For more information on regisering for the program, contact Stephanie Courtot by email or call 416-736-5079.

    What You Will Learn

    • The new world of integration: how to be SMART
    • SMART business processes: the new world of SMART economics
    • Platform service delivery models: the future of municipal services
    • The art of the possible (from a realist’s perspective)
    • Practical insights from top-flight project managers and visionaries
    • Integrating SMART approaches into current workflows and project designs

    Who Should Attend

    The program is designed for any municipal leader who is concerned with innovation and creativity, and wants a thorough understanding of what’s required to prepare for and successfully implement SMART initiatives, including:

    • Directors and department managers of IT, Data Management, Internal Services, Planning, Business Management, Procurement, and Customer Service
    • Managers and Project Managers overseeing projects and departments that would pursue SMART initiatives or that could immediately benefit from such inputs.
    • Directors of Communications, Council Relations Managers, Media Managers and other professionals responsible for public relations and community interface
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