Strategic Foresight

  • Strategic Foresight is an 8-hour online program that looks at factors such as consumer trends, market forces, advances in technology and changing expectations, and how they might shape future operating and innovation environments. The sessions will introduce a range of disruptive technologies as well as helping participants better think about how these technologies might threaten or positively impact their organization.

program learning features

  • Interactive, engaging presentations held live online by SEEC faculty.

  • Work on group projects in our virtual breakout rooms.

  • Engage in guided and free-form discussions online with fellow participants

  • Stay on track while you learn from home with scheduled class times

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Understand the emerging technology landscape and how it will impact your organization

    Adjust leadership styles to suit the new era and achieve organizational goals and objectives

    Gain support and organizational buy-in for technology investments