The FinTech Revolution: Redefining Financial Services in the Age of Disruption

  • Develop new competitive advantages in the age of FinTech

  • With the emergence of so many new players, a whole new FinTech eco-system is dawning. This unprecedented program follows a strategic approach that goes beyond financial technology development. Participants will acquire an up-to-date understanding of the fast-evolving financial landscape, the path of current and future disruption, and be able to strategize for the future challenges, emerging technologies and innovations in the financial services sector. In addition, participants will explore how to navigate competitive threats and identify who they must partner with (or acquire) in order to compete effectively in the future.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Learn how to pinpoint competitive threats and identify who you must partner with or acquire to successfully compete

    Determine strategies for accessing new technology capabilities like Blockchain and AI

    Identify the challenges that incumbents are facing and how to find the capital to meet them