The Senior Manager’s Guide to Implementing Practical Agile

  • The ability to execute Agile is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’

    Overseeing and managing projects using an Agile methodology when appropriate is becoming increasingly mainstream, with more and more organizations benefiting from a “bi-modal” approach. However, applying Agile principles incorrectly risks introducing challenges and tensions which may derail the process and dilute the benefit.

    Through a comprehensive exploration of the full process cycle, this Agile project management course aims to equip leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge required to run Agile projects successfully. It also includes insight into such aspects as the rationale for determining when Agile is appropriate, what to expect from Agile teams, what is required from project owners and sponsors, and how to effectively deal with the organizational change which is triggered as a result. Participants will leave with the ability to lead projects with an Agile “flavour” completely tailored to their unique organizational needs.

    Top Take-Aways

    • Recognize where Agile project management fits into the spectrum of management methodologies and how to apply it
    • Identify the types of projects that are suited to Agile project management
    • Define roles and responsibilities in Agile projects, along with expectations of involvement by senior management, Product Owner and Sponsor
    • Explain key components and principles of Agile and Lean project management
    • Review Agile methodologies, along with the advantages and challenges they introduce, and learn to deal with hurdles and “antipatterns”
    • Review how each “Agile day” looks like through an iteration (sprint) and understand the level of involvement of each role in the daily activities
    • Apply techniques to build an effective product vision and go through the prioritization cycles of needs and requirements
    • Explore the Agile planning and estimating processes and the checks and balances they offer
    • Adapt the Agile process to reinforce continuous improvement, improve organizational agility and enhance the ability to deal with the changes it triggers
    • Apply concepts by going through the planning and backlog maintenance and “grooming” process

    Who Should Attend

    This Agile program management training course is designed for project sponsors, product owners, senior managers, project managers and those who lead or oversee Agile projects. It is also intended to those who would like to embark on adopting Agile methods.

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