Certificate in Digital Strategy

Certificate in Digital Strategy is five-day program for managers and executives with at least five years of management experience who are looking to see further out into the future and navigate the complexity of digitization. The course includes information on the latest tools to help make sense of mega-trends, including AI, the Internet of Things, genetic engineering and quantum computing. This program consists of three full-day sessions and participants will also receive three half-day online components to review before each day in the virtual classroom.

About This Program

  • The global pandemic accelerated the need for organizations to thrive in a digital future. Digital transformations are not nearly enough to get ahead of future growth markets. The world is changing and continues to change at an exponential rate. The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is here and the fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), genetic engineering, quantum computing and more becoming a reality in everyday lives.

    Are leaders and organizations ready for what’s to come? Will they thrive in the digital future?

    This program takes leaders deep into the future. They will learn how to harvest the power of mega-trends that will shape the future business and public sector landscape. They will engage in deeper conversations with leading faculty on the clusters of possibilities for their organization and explore the tenets of the fourth industrial revolution.

    Online Components

    Participants will be receive a half-day online component to view before each full day of the program. These asynchronous components can be completed any time before the scheduled course day in the virtual classroom.

    What you will learn

    • Explore the concept of “DRIVE,” a tool designed to harvest the power of mega-trends
    • Identify tools and strategies for trend-spotting and on the possibilities of using selected proxies for potential market opportunities.
    • Explore new frameworks to assess the needs of the new economy and redesign the language of strategy for executives who have long depended on models developed decades ago.
    • Examine the possibilities to look at cluster of plausible interest which will likely shape the business and public sector domains for years to come
    • Explore why complex systems dynamics and nonlinear distribution of events are becoming more and more frequent
    • Learn a real-world applications of a future proofing model that takes you from aspirational to executable
    • Examine plausibility/probability and foresight as exercises to observe the chances emerging from the clustering of the future

    Participant Profile

    Created exclusively for aspiring senior leaders, senior managers, directors and vice presidents in corporate and public sectors. Certificate in Digital Strategy is recommended for managers and executives with at least five years of management experience who are looking to see further out into the future and navigate the complexity of digitization. The program is ideal for:

    • Managers aspiring to senior leadership positions and senior leaders
    • Director-and-executive level leaders
    • Senior managers from all industry sectors
    • Vice-presidents and divisional heads
    • Business directors and officers
    • Experienced public administrators in federal, provincial and municipal government
    • National, regional and international business unit managers
    • General managers
    • Executive directors of associations and NGOs

Course Content Details

Additional Delivery Options

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