Winning Sales Strategies

  • Five online modules over five weeks

  • Acquire the knowledge, skills and insight to drive outstanding sales results and business growth with advanced account management techniques in this professional sales training program. It is an online executive sales training course that provides you with a truly innovative guide to what account managers, sales people and small business owners must do to engage clients, think on their feet, make fast decisions and generate profitable sales.

    Using a convenient, centralized learning management portal, participants will learn to increase revenue by applying unique selling techniques in their everyday transactions. It is one of the best online sales training certificate programs available.

program learning features

  • Interactive, engaging e-learning modules and pre-recorded mini-lectures.

  • Apply your learning between modules to get the instructor's comments.

  • Enrol any time to start this five-week program

  • Upload video of yourself practising the techniques and get personalized feedback.

Now online! Winning Sales Strategies

Facilitator Sanjay Dhebar describes how you can boost your sales with proven techniques for success.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Master effective, persuasive client communications and presentation techniques

    Expand business relationships into new product and service areas

    Learn at your own pace in five online lessons over five weeks